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As one of the best lottery sites in the world, Lottoland lets its users enter all the major international draws. All you need is a computer or mobile device, and an internet connection, and you can give your lucky numbers a whirl in the US, Europe or Australia. That, of course, means loads more chances of winning millions.

You name a foreign lottery and you’ll be able to play it on Lottoland. For those who fancy themselves living out their days as multi-millionaires, US Powerball is the one. This mammoth-sized lottery puts $52 million on the table at every draw and often much more. Keep a look out for $1 billion jackpots!

Another super rich game in America is the US MegaMillions. Its jackpots kick off from $20 million and can amount to hundreds of millions. Ask any keen lottery players about the US MegaMillions and they’ll probably tell you about the time a record was made when the jackpot struck more than $800 million.

In Europe, the EuroMillions is the draw for big dreams. The jackpot, which is created by the pooling of 13 nations’ resources, starts at $21 million and can soar to $250 million. Plus, there are two chances to win every week – Tuesday and Friday. Start thinking of some lucky Euro Numbers!

Australians are enthusiastic about lotto, too. In fact, they play the game no fewer than five times a week. There’s Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto (also known as Saturday Lotto because that’s when its held), and Australian Powerball®. To maximise your potential winnings, enter the Superdraws and Megadraws, held regularly and sometimes topping $50 million!

Anytime there’s no lottery on, but you feel like a flutter, go for Keno. It puts $1 million on the table every four minutes, for nearly 24 hours a day.

Lottoland lets you play each and every lottery named here with just a few clicks. So, grab your phone or computer, and check it out today. The odds and prizes are exactly the same as they offered by your local lottery operator. The only difference with Lottoland is its convenience. You’ll even find all the lotto results there, published whenever a draw is announced.

Lottoland Australia lets you play Lotto, Powerball & Keno
Australian Lotto + Powerball & Oz Lotto

Australian Lotto & Powerball

In Australia, lottery draws happen five times every single week. So, you can play Monday lotto, Tuesday lotto, Wednesday lotto, Thursday lotto and Saturday lotto. Choose your favourite, or try your luck on all of them!

You might have noticed that Australian lotto seems to have a lot of various names. That’s because the names used change from state to state. Depending on where you are, you’ll hear the same game referred to as Tattslotto, X Lotto or Gold Lotto.

But these aren’t the richest lotteries in Australia. For that, you’ll need the Australian Powerball®! If you’re familiar with US PowerBall®, you’ll understand the way Australian Powerball® works, as its basis is the same. The draw, which offers between $3 million and $50 million, happens every Thursday. Even if you don’t match enough numbers to score the jackpot, you might take home a smaller prize because there are eight divisions. Entering is easy. From 1-40, pick 6 numbers and, from 1-20, pick one Powerball®.

When the working week is over, it’s time for Saturday Lotto. The jackpot is always a minimum of $4 million, but leaps up to $30 million when Lotto Superdraws and Lotto Megadraws roll around. Six divisions boost your chances of winning some cash.

Visit Lottoland and you’ll see that all these Australian lotteries are available in one spot. To make sure you never miss one accidentally, order a subscription. Don’t forget that every time a lottery is drawn, anywhere in the world, the lotto results are published on Lottoland immediately – so no more waiting around!

Play Keno Online

Play Keno Online

Unlike lotteries, which take place once or twice a week, Keno is always on the go. Every single day, the fun starts at 7:54am (AEST) and knocks off at 2:34pm (AEST). For that period, there are draws 15 times an hour, held every 4 minutes. And each of them sees one million bucks go up for grabs.

Are you wondering how to play Keno? It pretty much couldn’t be easier. A Keno draw involves the random selection of 20 numbers, out of a possible 70. When entering, you choose how many numbers you’d like to guess at. You can pick just 1 or decide on up to 10. You also decide how much you’d like to stake on each, from between $1 and $10. If you’re hoping for the $1 million, then you must choose 10 numbers. As you become a more experienced Keno player, you’re likely to develop more effective Keno strategies.

Chances are you’ve played Keno at your local pub or club in the past. The good news is that when you play Keno online at Lottoland, it’s more or less the same. The only difference is that you don’t have to go anywhere if you don’t want to. To find out more, give Lottoland Australia a quick visit and find out what’s on offer!

Play US Powerball Australia

US Powerball

Of all the lotteries on Earth, US Powerball is one of the wealthiest. That’s because multiple US states contribute to it. Entering isn’t any hassle at all. Lay down five bucks, choose five winning numbers out of a 1-69 range and choose a US Powerball number out of a 1-26 range. Whack your entry in and keep an eye on the draw. If your winning Powerball numbers come up, you’ll be set for life.

Have you been keeping track of US Powerball? If so, you’ll know that the US Powerball jackpot is always at least $52 million. That said, though, it frequently reaches much higher levels – every now and again, a $1 billion jackpot (!) is shared between a few lucky, lucky winners. What’s more, nine prize divisions mean you’re in the running to score a minor prize for matching just some of your numbers.

The first US Powerball draw of the week occurs on Thursday at 11am (AEST). The second happens three days later, on Sunday at 1pm (AEST). Winners get a choice about how they take their cash home. On one hand, you can grab it all in a single lump sum; on the other, you can request 30 payments made annually.

Thanks to Lottoland, you can make sure you never, ever miss a draw. The subscription service puts your entry in automatically. To check US Powerball results, go to the Lottoland site any time.

Play Euro Millions Lotto

Euro Millions

13 European nations put money into the Euro Millions, making it the most lucrative lottery in all of Europe. It’s never been easier to play than with Lottoland. All you have to do is pop online, enter five winning Euro Millions numbers, in addition to two Lucky Stars, and hope that a share in the up to $300 million jackpot becomes yours! Just make sure your Lucky Stars are between 1 and 11, and your winning Euro Millions numbers are between 1 and 50.

To keep up with the EuroMillions, get online or tune in every Tuesday and Friday. The draws are held in Paris. The jackpot is a minimum of $22 million, but that’s just the start. It often grows to hundreds of millions.

At Lottoland, your EuroMillions entry will cost you only $5* a game. If you tend to travel often or can’t find the time to put your entry in regularly, book a Lottoland subscription. It’ll take care of your entry for you, so you never skip a game by accident. Imagine missing a draw then seeing your winning Euro Millions numbers come up!

Keen lotto players like to be able to check Euro Millions results frequently. That’s why Lottoland puts them all online, immediately every draw. You’ll find details of winning jackpots there, too, so you can work on your strategy.

US Mega Millions Lotto

Mega Millions

You’ll often hear that the US Powerball is one of the biggest lotteries on Earth. The same goes for the US Mega Millions. $20 million is the usual starting point for the US Mega Millions jackpot, but $500 million jackpots are frequent, too. On one extraordinary occasion, the amount reached a record-breaking, life-changing $840 million – can you imagine that?!

The first US Mega Millions draw of the week is held on Wednesday. The second comes around three days later, on Saturday. Five winning US Mega Millions numbers of between 1 and 75, along with one Megaball of between 1 and 15, are what you need to enter. Oh, and a spare five bucks, too. Want to pump up your chances of scoring some cash? Boost them by five with the 5x Megaplier in the second division.

If your numbers come up, you can take control of how you get your money. Big spenders might want to play it safe with 30 annual payments, but, if you’re ready to make changes straight away, request a lump sum.

There’s no wasting time at Lottoland. The site publishes US Mega Millions results immediately after they’re announced. Never miss a draw with a Lottoland subscription, an automatic service that puts in your entry for you.

Lottery & Powerball Results

Latest Lottery & Powerball Results

No one wants to sit around biting their nails and wondering whether or not their winning numbers have come up. It’s much more fun finding out if you’ve won or lost straight away. Then, you can move onto the next game. That’s why Lottoland is big on publishing lotto results. You’ll find all the winning numbers from every game, published as soon as possible after each draw.

For Australian lotteries, which happen five days a week, this means five lots of publication of winning numbers. Jump on Lottoland to see Monday lotto results, Wednesday lotto results, Tuesday lotto results and Thursday lotto results.

Are United States lotteries more your thing? Lottoland has US Powerball results and the US MegaMillions results covered, too. That includes winning numbers and results for all the prize tiers – all the details you need to discover if you’ve won any money at all and to plan for future draws.

Also in Lottoland’s lotto results section, you’ll see the EuroMillions results. As soon as the draws are done and dusted in Paris, the results appear.

So, whether you need Australian lotto results, US Powerball results, US Mega Millions results or Euro Millions results, you can rely on Lottoland!