Play Euro Millions Lotto Australia

Euro Millions Lotto in Australia

If you enjoy the chance of winning big by taking part in great lotteries, allow our Lottoland team to introduce you to Euro Millions. With a single game entry for just $5*, it’s easy to understand its popularity across that continent, but now also in Australia.

Of course, a large factor is the terrific jackpot opportunities that Euro Millions provides. These start at a minimum of €15m, which equates to around $21m here. The current record for this twice weekly draw stands at €190m (that’s $267m give or take a few dollars). You can be part of the Euro Millions lottery online through Lottoland. The draw happens at 9.30pm Central European Time, and that’s every Tuesday and Friday.

To be a player, you simply make a choice of 5 Euro Millions numbers between 1 and 50. Then, you add to these original selections by opting for a couple of Lucky Stars numbers between 1 and 11. Match all of your seven chosen numbers and you’ve won a Euro Millions jackpot. Further great news: there are a whopping 13 prize divisions available. This means that by matching two of your main number choices you’re still a winner, and it’s easy to check your numbers after each draw here at Lottoland.

Play Euro Millions Lotto Online

If you want to play Euro Millions online, and be part of the chance to win huge jackpots plus other great prizes across their amazing 13 divisions, we’ve made it so simple here at Lottoland. As you’d expect, we always match the prizes as they are given out by Euro Millions, the official lottery provider. It takes just $5* for you to be part of the fun, and it’s amazing to think that their biggest ever jackpot stands at an awesome €190m. We think this sounds even better as $267 million Australian dollars!

So, entering Euro Millions is so easy to do: the first step is to choose just 5 number choices between 1 and 50; the second sees you add to this with 2 Lucky Stars, from the 1 to 11 options. Then if all seven should be chosen in the draw, well you’re suddenly another Euro Millions huge jackpot winner!

Here at Lottoland, we provide you with a chance to secure automatic entry to each and every Euro Millions draw. Alternatively, you can prefer to enjoy that automatic entry only when the jackpot reaches your chosen level. There’s a draw two times a week – Friday and Tuesday at 9.30pm Central European Time. So, by playing Euro Millions online at Lottoland, it could be you who wakes up, checks the latest draw winning numbers with us, and sinks back into a blissful reverie!

Euro Millions vs EuroJackpot

‘So what are the actual differences of Euro Millions v Euro Jackpot?’ This is a question that members of our Lottoland team have often been asked, even by their friends, so let’s answer it here for everyone. A similarity first: both of these draws ask you to pick your five main number choices from a board of 1 to 50. Each also then lets you add a pair of bonus numbers. Here’s the first difference: with Euro Millions, these range from 1 to 11, however for Euro Jackpot it’s only between 1 and 10.

There are also key differences in what you can win: let’s look at the minimum jackpot for each of the twice weekly Euro Millions and once a week Euro Jackpot draws. These comparisons reveal that Euro Millions is set at €15m ($21m). With Euro Jackpot this is a third lower at €10m ($14m). Comparing how these jackpots then grow through a series of rollovers also demonstrates that Euro Millions goes much higher. Their current record stands at a superb €190m ($267m approx), while Euro Jackpot’s own record is lower at €60m ($84m or so).

The Euro Millions winning probability comes out at 1:23; less hopefully, Euro Jackpot is virtually double that at 1:42. Of course you can play Euro Jackpot here at Lottoland from just $3; Euro Millions is $5* for a chance to win those much higher jackpots. Finally, as you make your choice of one or both, know that Euro Millions draws each Tuesday and Friday evening at 9.30pm, and Euro Jackpot earlier on Friday only at 9pm – these times are CET.

Euro Millions Lotto Promotions

Increasing numbers of Australians are really keen to expand their lottery horizons, and this explains the increasing popularity of the twice-weekly Euro Millions draws, held in Paris every Tuesday and Friday at 9.30pm Central European Time. A huge part of the attraction is surely that they regularly provide the highest jackpots anywhere in Europe. Their record stands at $267m or so – that’s €190m. Even the minimum is a brilliant and life changing $21m or €15m.

More than a decade ago, the national lotteries from the UK, France, and Spain, created Euro Millions, and its popularity has continued to grow right across that continent since. Back home in Australia, wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up one morning, check the night’s draw outcomes here at Lottoland, and find yourself an immediate jackpot winner?

That’s why our Lottoland team are delivering an amazing Euro Millions incentive offer. Simply purchase your subscription for a minimum of one game in these two weekly draws. Normally it’s $10 for that double chance to be a Euro Millions jackpot winner. With us, you’ll be saving an amazing 15% by paying just $8.50. Just pick your 5 main numbers, add the two Lucky Stars you’ve chosen, and you’re in with a chance of life changing jackpot success!

Euro Millions Lotto Results

Imagine being in beautiful Paris any Tuesday or Friday evening. As well as enjoying all the sights, you’d surely be keen to find out, at 9.30pm CET, if you are a winner when they draw those vital winning numbers for their twice a week Euro Millions draws. It’s an amazing lottery, originally started by a combination of France, Spain, and the UK a decade and more ago. Euro Millions offers the greatest lottery jackpots right across the whole of Europe.

However, if you’re at home in Australia, then you can be part of these fantastic draws here at Lottoland. You can also quickly check if your number choices have hit the jackpot, or perhaps won anywhere across their huge 13 different prize divisions. We provide the results of each Euro Millions draw, and that includes all the way back to the very first one. Check the next morning, or as soon as the Paris draw numbers are confirmed.

Their minimum jackpot of €15m – that’s around $21m Australian dollars – would be amazing. The record Euro Millions rollover amount stands at €190m/$267m. That’s why we make it easy to enter, and just as simple to check up on the draw results here at Lottoland. So, enter now, and check whenever you want!