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Keno Online Australia

You can play Keno pretty much whenever you want, without leaving your house, thanks to Lottoland. This innovative site connects you to Keno games nearly all day, every day. To play, you simply need a computer or mobile device and an Internet connection. If you’re using a smart phone, download the Keno Australia Lottoland app, to put Keno right at your fingertips.

Keno Australia draws are held every four minutes. Altogether, that means that every hour offers 15 chances to win a big million bucks – believe it or not! The day’s first game starts at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and the last doesn’t happen until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). We’re talking seven days a week.

Entering Keno Australia draws is pretty hassle-free. 70 numbers go into every draw. Of these, 20 are picked at random. Players get to choose how many numbers they enter – from between one and 10. Potential Keno winnings increase with the amount of money staked. To get your hands on a jackpot, you must match 10 numbers, staked with 10x. That said, it’s still possible to win a prize without making any matches at all.

Keno Australia on Lottoland isn’t too expensive to play. In fact, you can play a game for just $1* a go. So, there’s no need to hang around, scraping cash together. Give your lucky numbers a spin immediately by dropping by Lottoland.

Play Keno Online or Mobile App

Seven days of the week, Keno online at Lottoland Australia takes place. It’s fair to say that it’s never been easier to find out just how lucky your lucky numbers are. Every four minutes, a draw takes place. The action begins at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and goes on until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). So, every hour sees a total of 15 draws, each of which give you a chance to take home an epic million dollars.

Are you wondering how to play Keno online at Lottoland? Here’s the deal. Start by deciding how many numbers you’d like to enter. There must be at least one and no more than ten. Next up, pick an appropriate stake. Thirdly, grab your lucky charm, sit back and wait for the numbers to be announced. Every draw involves 70 numbers, of which 20 are chosen at random.

The amount you stake determines how you much you have to potential to win. The only way to nab the mega million is by matching 10 numbers, all staked at 10x. But, by playing Keno with Lottoland, you can put yourself in the running to win cash, even if not a single one of your numbers find a match. On top of that, Keno Lottoland offers the excellent starting rate of $1 per game.

What Are Keno Odds

There are numerous lotteries all over the world, but you’ll some of the best odds anywhere at Keno. To be more precise, every single draw gives you a 1:2,147,181 chance of scoring a jackpot worth a sweet million dollars.

One of the reasons Keno odds are so favourable is that Keno draws occur frequently. Every day, seven days a week, the first kicks off at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT). Afterwards, they take place every four minutes, until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT).

Any one who knows Keno well will be aware that players get to enter between one and 10 numbers. The amount of numbers chosen plays a role in deciding your odds, and well as how much you stand to win. For example, choosing one number only puts your Keno odds at 1:4.

In the meantime, by selecting eight numbers or more, you can gain a prize, even without making a single match. This is also the case if you choose to put in ten numbers. That said, it’s still better to make as many matches as possible, because this puts up your potential winnings. Should you manage to match a minimum of five, you’ll likely be scoring some money.

To take advantage of excellent Keno odds, visit Lottoland now, where you can play at a time convenient to you. The online Keno service at Lottoland puts Keno draws just a few clicks or swipes away. Find yourself an Internet connection and computer or mobile device and get started.

How To Play Keno Online

Lottoland allows enthusiastic Keno players to enter draws every day of the week, at whatever time suits. Every four minutes, a million dollars goes into the ring. Add up the number of draws and you’ll soon work out that there are 15 per hour. Draws kick off at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT) and continue until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT). You don’t ever have to have a day off, if you don’t want to.

It’s not hard to learn how to play Keno. There are two basic steps: choosing how many, and which numbers, are your lucky ones, and considering how much money you’d like to stake on each. Keno draws are pretty straight forward. 70 numbers go into the draw and 20 of them are picked at random. Each entry must involve between one and 10 numbers, as well as a stake of between $1 and $10. Unsurprisingly, higher stakes lead to bigger potential winnings. Any entry that matches 10 numbers, staked at $10, can result in one million dollars in winnings.

There are smaller prizes up for grabs, as well. If you choose a minimum of eight numbers, but don’t get any matches, you might still find yourself with prize. So, swing by Lottoland today and find out if you have some lucky Keno numbers up your sleeve.

Wining Keno Strategies

Even though the big Keno prize is a million dollars, there are many possibilities for how to win Keno. Depending on how many Keno numbers and how much money you’re willing to stake, you can put yourself in the running to take home various Keno prizes.

The first step in entering is picking between one and 10 numbers in a range of 1 and 70. If you choose only one or two numbers, then, to win, you must get matches match for all of them. However, if you prefer to choose three numbers, a prize could be yours, with matches of at least two of them.

Continue picking extra numbers and the pattern continues. In other words, by picking four numbers, you can win a prize with at least two matches. Should you choose five or six numbers, then you’ll be looking to match three or more.

So it goes on – with seven numbers chosen, you’ll need a minimum of four matches; with eight numbers up your sleeve, you’ll want to match four at least (or match none at all!); and, with nine or 10 numbers selected, you’ll be looking for matches of at least five (or none at all).

How much your prize is worth depends on how much you stake. Lottoland lets you choose between $1 and $10, and your potential winnings are multiplied, depending on your where in this range your stake falls.

Keno Numbers Results Online

Playing Keno is loads of fun, but wondering about the performance of your latest Keno numbers and not being able to find out quickly isn’t so much. For instant Keno results, try playing online with Lottoland. Instead of forcing you to wait to get Keno results, the site gives them to you quicker than lightning, straight after each draw. You get all the latest Keno results, in addition those of the previous day before, and an enormous databased covering past lottery results. Whenever you feel so inclined, you can study the previous performance of various Keno numbers and come up with winning Keno strategies.

Lottoland’s lottery results service is a favourite of Keno players because it manages to keep up with all draws, even though they place so often. In fact, they are held every four minutes, which equate to 15 times per hour. And you never have to wait for the latest Keno numbers – they’re published as soon as they’re announced.

The Keno day kicks off at 2:34pm AEST (4:34pm AEDT), when the first draw takes place, and carries on until 7:54am AEST (9:54am AEDT), when the last draw is held. 20 numbers are drawn every time. So, play anytime you like, at nearly anytime of day and get all the latest Keno results as soon as you want them.