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Here at Lottoland, we appreciate that there are many terrific opportunities to play our own Australian lottery games – and our online portal makes it so easy to do this, wherever you may be, and whenever you are ready to play. We also recognised that our many customers were looking for more than that. This is why our team has searched across a couple of far-flung continents to add a portfolio of terrific international options.

The result of all this hard work is that Lottoland Australia now provides the opportunity for our own punters to be a part of both MegaMillions and US PowerBall, just like the people in the USA have been for many years. These games offer multi-million dollar jackpots, even up to the fabled billion! From Europe, we have added the hugely popular UK Lotto, Italy’s famous SuperEnalotto, and we simply couldn’t leave out the amazing EuroMillions game.

We know our customers expect fair treatment, and that’s why Lottoland guarantees that our customers’ winning payouts are exactly the same as if they were playing these games in their own home countries or continents. All winning funds are credited direct to our customer’s personal Lottoland account.

Lottoland even offers more! We have added some great promotions, jackpots and bonuses that are only available to our customers. So join us at Lottoland, play the games you choose to, check the results when you want to. We’re ready for you to play Lotto, PowerBall, or these other great games right now.

Lottoland Australia

It has been said that Australians would bet on two flies climbing up a window! We do have a reputation as a nation who tends to enjoy the occasional punt, and this is certainly true for our own great Lottery games, including the legend that is Keno.

Our Lottoland website is simply the best place to play these games of your choice whenever you want to, and no matter where you are based. However, our team decided that it would be great to head further afield and see what more we can offer in the way of international lotteries for our discerning and demanding Australian customers.

So, come with us on a journey that will take you to both Europe and North America. Travelling with us gives you the chance to be every bit a player as the American or European citizens are – and for exactly the same prizes, across all prize divisions and tiers. This is true for the huge rollover jackpot games from The Land of the Free: both US PowerBall and MegaMillions can be played here at Lottoland Australia. If you like a European flavour to your play, then we include EuroMillions, home of that continent’s biggest and best jackpots – as well as terrific games from Italy and the UK in SuperEnalotto and the Lotto itself.

You enter any of these international games just as you would our own – simply pick your favoured numbers and the number of lines you intend to play. All winnings will then be allocated directly into your own Lottoland Australia account. Naturally, Lottoland Australia delivers all prizes exactly as they are offered by the official lottery operators worldwide. We even add to the fun by delivering some Lottoland exclusives – our own range of bonuses and promotions. For example, try DoubleJackpot, where you double your stake and then, should you be a winner, the same things happen to your jackpot prize. Come to Lottoland Australia now and try it for yourself.

How Lottoland Works

You might be based out West in Perth, or North in Darwin or Cairns. Perhaps you live in or near one of our great Southern cities such as Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide. Maybe your home is on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane itself, or down in the big island in Hobart. You might even live and work in our nation’s capital. All these and so many other places highlight the diversity of our Australian nation – and we know, here at Lottoland Australia, that diversity is a key demand from the many of our citizens who enjoy playing great lottery games.

This is why Lottoland strives to offer you great opportunities to be a player in some of our planet’s greatest lottery games – and to check up on the latest, and past lottery results whenever you wish to, whether it be America’s unbelievably popular, huge jackpot-delivering US PowerBall and MegaMillions, or Europe’s cunningly titled EuroMillions, where we’ll leave you to guess what size of gigantic rollover jackpots they offer! In fact, all three games regularly offer jackpot prizes well into the hundreds of millions of dollars. Pretty tempting, we’d say!

As a Lottoland Australia customer, you always choose the games to play, pick your own numbers, and select your level of entries. Incidentally, our brilliant Lottoland insurance model always guarantees that your winning tickets will pay out – from jackpots, right through all the prize tiers in any competition, you’ll get exactly the same amount as players in the home location of that game. You’d expect no less of us!

Now you know how we operate, so come and see for yourself. Do check out the bonuses and promotions exclusively offered to our Lottoland Australia customers!

Lottoland Cash4Life

Imagine if a stranger told you to hold out your hand and then counted one thousand single dollar bills into it. You’d feel pretty good, once you were sure it wasn’t a joke! What if the same person did the same the next day, and then the one after that? It’s no joke, that’s for sure. But what is it? Well, it’s the jackpot payout from the great Cash4Life game – drawn twice a week, each Monday and Thursday at 9pm (ET).

The prize actually is that $1000, provided every single day throughout your life. That’s a cool million in less than three years! Should you be around for, say, thirty years after winning, that’s… well, you’ll have worked it out for yourself by now! And the second prize tier – there are a terrific nine in all – offers $1000 each and every month throughout your lifetime.

To play, you pick out five numbers of your choice, between 1 and 60, and then a single CashBall between 1 and 4. To play, you can enter, here at Lottoland, a single Cash4Life Jackpot draw for just $2*. With odds of winning that grand a day prize set at 1:21,846,048, the good news is that this is much better than so many other lottery games. Sounds like it’s time to make sure you’re in the next draw. It’s so easy to enter Cash4Life here at Lottoland!

*Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.