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Lotto from Europe & US in Australia

There are folk who will tell you that US PowerBall is the best lotto game of them all. Others will call US Mega Millions or Euro Millions Lotto their favourite. Some people prefer national lotteries such as those in Sweden or Ireland, Italy or the UK Lotto. We aren’t ignoring our own great Australian lotteries. That’s why, when you join us Lottoland to play online, all of these and many more are waiting for you to try.

With a wide range of both jackpots to compete for, and costs to enter, you can find the lottery games that you like the most, and play them as often as you want to. That’s Lottoland, do come and join us.

Austrian Lotto

What do Austrians and Australians have in common? Apart from those first five letters that is? Well, people in Vienna and across that country really enjoying playing a part in their own Austrian lotto jackpot draws. Now, thanks to Lottoland, so do many Australians.

It costs a mere $2* to be a part of their two weekly draws – at 6.48pm on Wednesday and again on Saturday at 7.15pm (CET). It also provides jackpot winning odds of a sliver over 1 in 8 million and includes a fine 8 prize divisions. You select just 6 from 45 numbers – and the largest Austrian Lotto Jackpot payout ever was a pleasing €9.5m (approx $14m). It’s a game well worth trying out at Lottoland.

Christmas Lottery

Can we wish you a Merry Christmas? Too early? Well, not to be a part of one of the world’s most astonishing lotto jackpot draws. Our Lottoland team are delighted to introduce you to the Spanish Christmas Lottery – or El Gordo. Its mammoth prize fund sends Spain, and far beyond, into a frenzy of excitement. Well, it should, the total pot for the draw on 22nd December 2016 is a mind-blowing $3 billion!

You can enter El Gordo through Lottoland by choosing an available ticket numbered between 00000 and 99999. Next, you buy a share in that ticket number, from 1/100 for $6.99*, you can even secure the entire ticket for $349.99*. This is a hugely popular Spanish Christmas lottery jackpot game so don’t delay, come to Lottoland and enter now.

Euro Jackpot Lottery

Euro winner! Would you like somebody to say that to you? Could be the case, as so many Lottoland visitors know, because Euro Jackpot lotto is a major player on that continent. Drawn every Friday in Helsinki, with jackpots to €90m (approx $125m), it’s timed for 9pm there (Eastern European Time). Players pick five numbers between 1 and 50, then an extra pair of EuroNumbers from 1 to 10. Match all seven and it’s jackpot time. Their minimum jackpot stands at €10m ($14m), the odds of winning any prize set at 1:42. A single Euro Jackpot game is just $3* at Lottoland. Come and take the chance for someone to try that dreadful ‘Euro winner’ joke on you.

French Lottery

Cagnotte. One of our clever Lottoland team assures us it’s the French for jackpot. No matter what it’s called, you probably wouldn’t mind winning one with the French Lotto jackpot draw. Their minimum is a healthy €2m or $3m. But with three draws every week, the rollover gets going pretty quickly. So, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday it will be won or carried forward in the draw, held at 8.30pm CET. Your French Lotto odds of being a prize winner at some level are excellent – just 1:16. $3* can see you part of any draw you choose. It’s easy to play for that cagnotte at Lottoland right now.

German Lotto & Keno

From Berlin through Bavaria, Cologne to Munich and right across the country, the population certainly enjoys playing the German Lotto and German Keno games. Keno daily at 3.10 AEST, and the other is drawn both Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The German Lotto draw jackpot best is a superb €45.3m ($70m and change), so it’s not surprising this is one of most popular Lotto games across Europe! Play it with us at Lottoland, by picking six numbers up to 49. You can be a participant in either German Keno or Lotto starting at just $1.50*. Let Lottoland show you how.

Irish Lotto

Ireland, where the four leaf clover is meant to be a symbol of good fortune. Whether you ever find one or not, your luck can certainly be in if you play the Irish Lotto. Their jackpot winning possibility of 1:10,737,573 is excellent, compared to many of their rivals for your dollars, because they only use 1 to 47 – many others ask you to choose from more. The Irish Lotto Jackpot is from €2m/$3m before it increases quickly through rollovers. Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday and one game, played right now through Lottoland, is just $3.50*. At Lottoland you might just inherit some of the luck of those Irish.

Polish Lotto

The Polish Lotto is really popular, and part of the reason our Lottoland team believe for this is undoubtedly the great value it offers, with a single entry being only $1.25*. This is for a game where draws every Tuesday, Thursday and then Saturday, regularly also delivers a jackpot in the millions of dollars. You choose, and then need to match, any six numbers between 1 and 49; and the Polish Lotto jackpot draw winning chance for the main prize is a useful 1:13,933,816.

So, if you’re looking to play that lottery game where real value is matched to million dollar jackpots, head for Lottoland and search out the Polish Lotto.

Swedish Lotto

Sweden is half a world away from Sydney, or any other of our states, territories, cities or towns. However, that doesn’t stop Lottoland customers from being eager entrants in the Swedish lottery jackpots draws, held each Wednesday and also Saturday. There’s terrific game-play value of just $1.50* per entry. Their odds of being that jackpot winner are way less than seven million to one, unmatched by so many other lotteries around the world. Their record jackpot payout is more than just healthy as it’s 237m Kronor (approx $40m), and there are half-a-dozen prize divisions in the Swedish lotto game. Ready to play? Head for Lottoland for quick and easy access to this terrific game.

UK Lotto

Any imaginary trip round the world’s great lottery capitals would need to include a stop-off in London. The UK Lotto jackpot draw has become hugely popular there, in spite of the fact that it was a relative late-comer to the idea of such games (and there’s a surprise). Of course, with Lottoland there’s no need to travel, simply enter their twice weekly draws with us. The UK Lotto Wednesday evening midweek jackpot minimum is £2.5m (about $4.7m) and the weekend Saturday draw minimum is £5m ($9.5m or so). Their current record UK Lotto jackpot payout is £66m (approx $126m). To play, it’s just $4.50* through Lottoland, and you can start right now.

* price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.