US Mega Millions Lotto

US Mega Millions Lotto

There are many favourite games among the great choices we provide for our Lottoland customers to play. One of their favourite options, in fact one of the most popular anywhere in the world, is the US Mega Millions twice weekly draw. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is probably the fact that they have paid out two of the three biggest lottery jackpots ever won.

Their biggest ever is an amazing $840 million paid out in 2012. They also have a minimum jackpot of around $19m for starters and deliver prizes across a superb nine prize divisions, including for simply matching the Megaball itself. The draws take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays and you can enter right now at Lottoland.

If you haven’t yet played this great game, try it now for just $5 a time. We even offer an amazing Mega Millions MegaPlier option. For just $1.50 more you can multiply any winnings (apart from the jackpot) by up to 5 times. You’ll need to choose five numbers from between 1 and 75 and a Megaball (1-15). Match them all and you’re a jackpot winner. And as soon as the Mega Millions draws are complete, pop over to Lottoland and check the results.

Play US Mega Millions Lotto Online In Australia

We know that our Lottoland customers lead hectic lives. This is why it’s always our aim to make it quick and easy to play online with us, no matter where you are or how much time you have to spare.

One of the most popular choices is the chance to play US Mega Millions online for just $5* per game. With a minimum jackpot of $19m (depending on those currency exchange rates) and a record payout – the second biggest in lottery history – of $840m, it’s no wonder it’s such a favourite. It’s so easy to be part of their Wednesday and Saturday draws. With a generous nine prize divisions, even for simply matching the Megaball itself, you simply select a total of six numbers (including that Megaball) and matching all six equals jackpot time!

With the amazing MegaPlier option, you can even multiply any possible winnings by up to five times (except the jackpot) for just $1.50 more. All of this adds up to one of our most popular games here at Lottoland, and the results are always available online after their early afternoon (Australian times) draws.

This great US Mega Millions jackpot draw is ready and eager to be played right now at Lottoland.

US Mega Millions vs US Powerball

Life is full of making important choices, like which footy team to barrack for, or which superhero you find the best. Okay, not as important as where to live or work and the like, but still choices to be made.

It’s the same when choosing favourite lottery games – and many of our Lottoland customers are torn between the two US giants PowerBall and Mega Millions. Of course, we like a choice to play both – and either game is just $5* per play at Lottoland.

These are simply the two biggest lottery games in the universe (at least until we find other intelligent life out there). While US PowerBall does have the record jackpot payout of $2.3 billion, Mega Millions lives up to its name in second place at $840m. In fact, together these draws occupy the top fifteen places in the listing of the world’s biggest jackpots. Where MegaMillions scores in many customers’ eyes is that they offer a 1:15 chance of winning a prize, compared to their rival’s 1:55.

If you like both, then Wednesdays and Saturdays are Mega Millions draw days, and it’s Thursday and Sundays for US PowerBall. All good days to be in the game here at Lottoland.

US Mega Millions Promotions

Do you like the chance to save money? Most Australians do, which is why we like to come up with great promotions and special offers here at Lottoland. We have a terrific one for when you play the great US Mega Millions game – full details in a moment.

First, if you haven’t yet played this amazing lottery, then here are a few key facts. US Mega Millions is responsible for paying out two of the three biggest lottery jackpots of all time with their best, in 2012, being $840m. Their minimum is around £19m, depending on how the currency markets are behaving. They offer a great nine prize divisions, including one where you have simply matched the Megaball itself. To play, you choose it plus five other numbers, matching all six welcomes you to jackpot heaven.

That’s the game, played every Wednesday and Saturday, now here’s the offer: if you purchase a subscription for MegaMillions for a minimum of one game in each of Wednesday and Saturday’s draws, you’ll get 15% off with Lottoland. That’s just $8.50* for two games instead of the full $10. Just another great reason for making sure you’re in that next draw by heading to Lottoland right now.

US Mega Millions Lotto Results

‘I need to know right now!’ Sounds like a demanding boss doesn’t it? Here at Lottoland we know our customers expect the same level of commitment to delivering instant results online for all the games they so love to play.

A good example of this is US Mega Millions. Having paid out two of the three biggest lottery jackpots of all times, and with their Wednesday and Saturday draws rolling over quickly into the hundreds of millions of dollars, such eagerness to find out which numbers have been selected makes absolute sense. So, we are committed to providing the answers just as soon as the draw is completed over in the United States. We even store every single set of US Mega Millions results right back to when it started in 1996.

If you haven’t yet played the game, then come to our online portal and start making the choice of those five numbers (1-75) plus a single Megaball (1-15). Incidentally, one of their excellent nine prize divisions is awarded simply for matching the Megaball itself. This is one of our most popular of Lottoland game opportunities, so please visit us now and try US Mega Millions for yourself.